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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer-based testing offers many advantages over paper based tests including an engaging online testing platform, a wider range of assessments, reduced teacher workload through automated scoring, and customised student, class and school reports. 

Yes, if you are a teacher, we can provide you with a login that will let you try one or more tests on the DOTS.  Contact for more information.
If you've been invited to take part in a test standardisation, the tests are free.  If you want to buy one of our tests currently for sale, each test taken costs €4.00 per student, with no additional costs.  The price includes the test administration manual, the test itself, automated scoring, and all reports.
Access to the test system is only available through teaching staff in schools. To gain access, a member of school staff should contact the ERC. We will verify your details and add your school to the system. You can then login, add students to your school, buy tests, and assign them to groups of students. DOTS will create passwords for the students, which they use to securely access the test assigned to them.
First, each student needs an internet-connected device, on which they type into a browser address bar. They are asked for their login details, which the system generates automatically for you, and which can be printed out and handed to students at the start of the session . Typing in their login details gives students access to the test system, but they cannot go any further until you call out a group session number. The session number gives access to a specific test (e.g., a reading or a maths test). Students then see and complete a few practice questions, followed by the test itself.
If you are using the New Drumcondra Primary Tests of Mathematics and/or English Reading (on paper or online), the link below provides information that parents and guardians may find useful when interpreting scores on these tests. Teachers using the new tests are welcome to distribute this note to parents and guardians in their schools, by email or in print. An Irish-language version of the note is available here.

New Drumcondra Primary Tests: Note for Parents and Guardians
Yes, the system has a monitor function.  Type into your browser address bar, then enter your login details.  You can see any test sessions currently running in your school.  The monitor dashboard shows you which students are assigned to a test session, who has started the test, and it tracks their progress, question by question, through the different parts of the test.  This makes it easy to see how each student is progressing.
No, once you have a device connected to the internet, you can take our tests. The tests will run on laptops, pcs, tablets and iPads, and do not need large bandwidth. They work with keyboard or touchscreen, and with or without a mouse. They’ll even work on Netbooks and mobile phones (although we strongly advise not running tests on devices with very small screens).
Completing testing, scoring and reporting are free for all schools selected to take part in the standardisation. 
Schools have been selected at random to take part in standardisation tests.