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Requirements For Our Tests

Accessing our tests is easy if you have broadband connectivity .

When you are granted access to the DOTS, accessing tests is easy, once you have a device connected to the internet. Tests work on most devices, including laptops, iPads and tablets (once you use in landscape mode). Click the button below to make sure that your device is compatible, and then scroll down this page to see the results. Full technical requirements are also listed below.

Device Check - Results

Below is a series of system and server communication checks. If any of the checks show 'Fail', please take the appropriate action to resolve them or contact technical support for advice.

(Note: If any of the servers show 'Fail', this may be a temporary communication problem; please retry in a few minutes.)

Test Details Result
Screen Resolution
Session Cookies Support
JavaScript Enabled False Fail
Color Depth
Server Connection
Web Socket Supported

Requirements Checklist

Detailed below are the requirements checklist to ensure the optimal test taking environment for all the students and test takers.

Internet Connectivity

Connectivity to the internet is required on all devices that will be used by any of the students taking the tests. Internet connection can be either wired (using the Local Area Network (LAN)) or wireless. We recommend using a wired network rather than a wireless network, as a wired network provides better exam delivery performance. Broadband (DSL, cable or LAN/WLAN): 512 kbps up/down Dial-up Internet connections are not supported. To check your speed go to If you have a slower connection speed you could stagger the commencment of the tests

Compatible Devices

Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets with a supported internet browser can be used by test takers. To ensure optimal student experiences for online testing, try to avoid using any computer that takes a noticeably long time to start and run applications (for example, 10 seconds or more to open applications).

Screen Dimensions & Resolution

Screen dimensions must be 10" or larger (with the exception of iPads with a 9.5" display, which are allowed). All devices must meet the following minimum resolution of 1024x768. For Netbooks: 1024 × 600. Larger resolutions can be applied as appropriate for the monitor or screen being used. Depending on the screen size, students may need to use vertical or horizontal scroll bars to view all test-related information. Students may also use the Zoom tool in the online test to enlarge the content on the screen.

Supported Web Browsers

On the local delivery workstation, laptop or tablet that will be used by a test taker, one of the following Internet browsers must be installed: Google Chrome 41+, Mozilla Firefox 31+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer version 9+, Opera

Web Browser Settings

We using recent versions of supported web browsers. JavaScript and Internet cookies must be enabled. All pop-up blockers must be disabled. Be sure to use the correct combination of operating system and web browser. For example, Windows 8.1 requires Internet Explorer 11.

Best Practice Guides

Some security software programs, like antivirus or Internet security software, can disrupt exam delivery and may need to be disabled.

Sample tests and questions

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